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Codes can be found on GabStudio's Twitter, Discord and Instagram and give bonuses for those who enters them in the Shop. It is important to use them fast since they can expire. On this Page, every available and expired code will be shown here and you can see what you can buy with the Rewards, write the Codes exactly like it stands here or they won't work ("Total Cheese" and "Expired Cheese" aren't codes). Please tell us in the Comments if a Code hasn't been added here yet.


Code Reward
ThankYouAll 2,000,000,000 Cheese
Kitty1Year 1,500,000,000 Cheese
Anniversary 1,500,000,000 Cheese
MetaverseEvent ? Cheese
TMF100 5,700,000,000 Cheese
(Total Cheese) 10,700,000,000+ Cheese


Code Reward
50OFF ? Cheese
EVENT50OFF ? Cheese
GAB220 ? Cheese
Chapter11IsHere ? Cheese
NewColorMinigame ? Cheese
HappyNewYear ? Cheese
CH10ComingSoon ? Cheese
MerryChristmas ? Cheese
CH9SecretEnding ? Cheese
SOM503 1,500,000,000 Cheese
Noodles 15,000,000 Cheese
CH8SecretEndingIsHere 10,000,000 Cheese
CH8SecretEnding 10,000,000 Cheese
superdog 1,000,000 Cheese
YoutuberSkins 5,000,000 Cheese
Snowi 1,000,000 Cheese
NewMinigame 5,000,000 Cheese
gremlintreats 1,000,000 Cheese
NewEnding 10,000,000 Cheese
Ch7SecretEnding 10,000,000 Cheese
ASB771 75,000,000 Cheese
AWG106 8,000,000 Cheese
FreeVipServers 5,000,000 Cheese
NewUpdate 5,000,000 Cheese
CH6IsHere 5,000,000 Cheese
CH6ComingSoon 5,000,000 Cheese
EpicCheeseCode 8,000,000 Cheese
Premiumsalad 200,000 Cheese
BigB 750,000 Cheese
ItsPlasmaYT 50,000 Cheese
Conor3D 250,000 Cheese
SamyMoro 250,000 Cheese
Gravy 500,000 Cheese
Karola20 500,000 Cheese
FancySmash 250,000 Cheese
Barunka 100,000 Cheese
CALIXO 750,000 Cheese
Cerso 1,000,000 Cheese
ThinkNoodles 2,000,000 Cheese
CH5SecretEnding 1,000,000 Cheese
Vexo 200,000 Cheese
GamingDan 150,000 Cheese
Whisper 50,000 Cheese
Santy22 50000 Cheese
FrostyBlox 20,000 Cheese
Rovichuelos 500,000 Cheese
Clausamoro 100,000 Cheese
500MVisits 5,000,000 Cheese
RGCFamily5K 15,000 Cheese
KreekCraft 50,000 Cheese
Raconidas 35,000 Cheese
InfectionModeIsHere 100,000 Cheese
SubToGoldLeaf 50,000 Cheese
Chapter4IsNow 500,000 Cheese
Chapter4Date08/21 40,000 Cheese
crystal 15,000 Cheese
PEPE 15,000 Cheese
MateoAventuras 5,000 Cheese
CodeFancy 3,000 Cheese
KittyHappyDanc3 150,000 Cheese
1MillionFavs 500,000 Cheese
Noangy2 2,000 Cheese
ByN 2,000 Cheese
IJustMemo 5,000 Cheese
20KTwitter 25,000 Cheese
UP5NOW 100,000 Cheese
10KUsers 10,000 Cheese
MouseCuTwitter500 150,000 Cheese
Cerditos 3,000 Cheese
Betroner 2,000 Cheese
CodexGeas 2,000 Cheese
Myster0y 2000 Cheese
Premiumsalad 2,000 Cheese
Rovi23 2,000 Cheese
Gravy 2,000 Cheese
BigB2 2,000 Cheese
CH3Now 10,000 Cheese
GamingDan 1,000 Cheese
CroatianPIays 1,000 Cheese
F2TM 1,000 Cheese
Tytex 1,000 Cheese
RGCFamily 1,000 Cheese
clausamoro 1,000 Cheese
250kgroupmembers 25,000 Cheese
RGCFamily5 1,000 Cheese
RGCFamily4 1,000 Cheese
RGCFamily3 1,000 Cheese
RGCFamily2 1,000 Cheese
RGCFamily1 1,000 Cheese
update4ishere 1,500 Cheese
CoesDix 500 Cheese
Flamingo 5,000 Cheese
titani 2,000 Cheese
finalendingch2 1,000 Cheese
emperadormaxi 500 Cheese
FGTeeV 2,000 Cheese
elseniorrx 1,000 Cheese
TinenQa 1,000 Cheese
Manucraft 1,000 Cheese
Rovi 1,000 Cheese
ch2open 4,500 Cheese
Cerso 1,000 Cheese
Redro3 800 Cheese
memonoob 1 Cheese
igisgabstudio 2,000 Cheese
newcode 4,000 Cheese
codigo5 1,000 Cheese
codigo4 1,000 Cheese
codigo3 1,000 Cheese
codigo2 1,000 Cheese
codigo1 1,000 Cheese
seniorrx 1,500 Cheese
mortadela 2,000 Cheese
ch2coming 5,000 Cheese
(Expired Cheese) 1,695,047,301 Cheese

Buyable with the Rewards

Blue Kitty, Kitty Punk, Kitty Explorer, Kitty Ninja, Kitty Chef, Kitty Police, Kitty Robot, Kitty Academic, Kitty Worker, Kitty Thief, Kitty Alien, Kitty Pirate, Kitty Prisioner, Kitty Zombie, Kitty Devil, Kitty Pro, Kitty Freeze, Kitty Angel, Kitty Vacation, Kitty Farmer, Kitty Jester, Kitty Nomo, Kitty Firefighter, Kitty Hotdog, Kitty King, Kitty Toxic, Kitty Athlete, Kitty Sheriff, Super-Kitty, Camouflage Kitty, Kitty Dancer, Kitty Scientific, Kitty Sailor, Kitty Ginger, Kitty Ice Cream, Kitty Formal, Kitty Student, Kitty Elf, Kitty Queen, Kitty Emoji, Kitty Biker, Kitty Pilot, Kitty Trash, Kitty Architect, Kitty Wood, Kitty Black-White, Kitty Brick, Kitty Infected, Kitty Donut, Kitty Terminator, Bad-Good Kitty, Kitty PNG, Kitty Metal, Kitty Fusion, Kitty Unicorn, Mouse Albino, Mouse Builder, Mouse Hood, Mouse Doctor, Mouse Toxic, Mouse Agent, Mouse Pilot, Mouse Firefighter, Mouse Biker, Mouse Golden, Mouse Noob, Mouse Farmer, Mouse Cyborg, Mouse Slinder, Mouse Boby, Mouse Pig, Mouse Chef, Mouse Life Guard, Mouse Emoji, Mouse Queen, Mouse Alien, Mouse Architect, Mouse Angel, Mouse Robot, Mouse Cone, Mouse Baby, Mouse Burger, Super-Mouse, Mouse Flower, Mouse Prisioner, Mouse Cheese, Mouse Zombie, Mouse Soldier, Mouse Detective, Mouse Banana, Mouse Ginger, Mouse Ghost, Mouse Sheriff, Mouse Waiter, Mouse Athlete, Mouse Freeze, Mouse Jester, Mouse Student, Mouse Snowman, Mouse Camouflage, Mouse Poor, Mouse Wood, Mouse PNG, Mouse Boxer, Mouse Watermelon, Mouse Pumpkin, Bat, Broom, Spatula, Small Hammer, Skillet, Shovel, Hoe, Hammer, Rrowing, Bath Soother, Pedestal Table, Big Lintern, Club, Barbell, Trophy, Balloon, Lamp, Signal, Chandelier, Cheese Balloon, Plant, Water Bottle, Scientific Beaker, Stool, Racket, Bread, Corn, Cane, Magnifying Glass, Microphone, Bear Trap, Toxic Trap, Toxic Cheese, TrapCheese, Cheese Trap, Fire Trap, Clock Trap, Fallen Cup, Golden Trap, Multicolor Trap, Trap Camouflage, Waterfloor, Banana Plate, Trash, Kitty's Bed, Bun Trap, Cake Trap, Magnet Trap, Net Trap, Tire Trap, Spike Trap, Emote 1 (Kitty), Emote 2 (Kitty), Emote 3 (Kitty), Emote 4 (Kitty), Emote 5 (Kitty), Emote 6 (Kitty), Emote 7 (Kitty), Emote 8 (Kitty), Emote 9 (Kitty), Emote 10 (Kitty), Emote 16 (Kitty), Emote 17 (Kitty), Emote 18 (Kitty), Emote 19 (Kitty), Emote 24 (Kitty), Emote 25 (Kitty), Emote 30 (Kitty), Emote 31 (Kitty), Emote 1 (Mouse), Emote 2 (Mouse), Emote 3 (Mouse), Emote 4 (Mouse), Emote 5 (Mouse), Emote 6 (Mouse), Emote 10 (Mouse), Emote 11 (Mouse), Emote 17 (Mouse), Emote 18 (Mouse), Emote 19 (Mouse), Emote 20 (Mouse), Emote 25 (Mouse), Emote 26 (Mouse), Emote 31 (Mouse), Emote 32 (Mouse)

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